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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Feel it rising,
The hot air which travels from our mouths
into our spines, a tingling sensation
which connects us both.
A fire that feeds on the lust that we expel
A hungry bite that is growling for more than lips
We are not in control
But the animal that lives inside 


Sometimes looks aren’t needed.
Nor words.
Nor touch.

Sometimes what is, is enough.

If only my tears would disappear
For they are jammed between my heart and my throat,
Strangling me


If I had one more chance. 
I would plant kisses till I grew a garden upon you
I would trace you until I had memorised your outline
I’d fill the intricate details in; that wide hauntingly enchanting mouth, piercing eyes, 
I’d melt in your vision, a puddle that seeps slowly into you,
The comforting weight of your arm around my body,
Eyelashes fluttering against my cheek; a chuckle that begins in the bottom of your stomach,

The evil whispers. 
How I long for the whispers.

The darkness drags me screaming back into the light,
Nails scrape against the floor making lines
Away from you

My darkness, my guilty pleasure