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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Whispered conversations into the early hours of the morning
The muffled laughs into pillows, duvets.
When it’s dark we are truly ourselves,
And when our voices mingled, we were one.


Privacy exists. Please let me express my thoughts in full anonymity. If I can’t do this, I might explode. You know who you are. 





I’ve discovered something amazing. The cheat to life.

Don’t feel.
If you don’t care, you can’t feel
If you can’t feel, you can’t hurt. 

If you can’t hurt, no one can hurt you.

If no one can hurt you, you, are indestructible. 


Sometimes I wonder, if I were just to lay down and disappear

how long it would take for people to forget I even existed

This May Have Just Saved Me


In it’s most intrinsic form.

The overwhelmingly warm rush of joy that starts in your chest, spreading and flowing through every inch of your body.
When the warm rush fills every inch of your body, it’ll beg for freedom, exploding in a form of a smile.

When he’s with me.

I finally belong.



I am a void begging to be freed from the emptiness that envelops me.
It’s like a hole that gets bigger and bigger, screaming to be fed. 

for something that may not even exist