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I was on a cruise ship, middle of the sea. Nothing but the blackness covering me like a blanket. The only light I see is from the sky, the stars winking down at me, the moon shining peacefully into the darkness.
I lay down on a deckchair. I want to catch those stars, I want to touch them. I settle for counting them, straining my neck so I can see more. Neverending, the galaxy is expanding. The galaxy is dying. It really depends on how you look at it. I wonder if other planets can see us, I imagine our sun as the tiniest but the brightest star there. Beauty.

I was blessed to be there, no pollution but the true nature surrounding me. Cold sea air whipping around me, drying my pool wet hair. Nothing covers the stars, nothing covers the moon. I wanted to be there forever, but you’ve got to keep moving on.



  1. I’d wondered where you’d disappeared to. Where was your cruise to?

    • hey, sorry about that 😦 How have you been? Ah it was to France and Spain.. the nights were magical..

  2. *gasp* how long did you get to stay in each place? I want to go to Spain, Italy and Greece SO bad. SUPER jealous of you.
    I’ve been fine. Going to school sucks, but I’ve got my beehive to keep me entertained when I get home. lol.
    How’ve you been?

  3. A few hours haha! Wasn’t too great. Ah, you live in America. I want to go to California, New York, Las Vegas.. everywhere<3
    You shouldn't be jealous, America is about 10000x better than any part of Europe, seriously. You're too cool seriously, you and your beehive.
    Erm, I've been good.. I hate school. What about you?

    • Lol, what’s the point of a cruise if you’re on a ship more than you’re at the destinations?
      I’ve only been to California. I wouldn’t mind seeing New York though. Las Vegas… not so much.
      Europe is super cool! It’s all European and stuff! Lol, I haven’t really looked at things specifically, but I love all of the architecture and the streets and the oldness of it all. Lmao. The “you’re too cool” bit made me actually laugh out loud. Thankfully mom’s still asleep and didn’t hear anything.
      School is VERY annoying. I feel like we should get to pick what we want to be already and get schooling for that. I hate having to take all these other things because it’s required to graduate high school. I really don’t think I’ll ever need to know how to define x-bar to plant a tree.

      • Haha! The cruise ships are actually really good, shows and buffets. yeaah, life s’good.
        I’d love to go to any part in America, I’ve only been to New York once when I was a toddler, so it doesn’t count…
        Lol… you really are. There’s a wasp nest at our school, and I thought of you. What a lovely thing to be related to.
        Tell me about it! Definetly not, it’s not like we’re pirates… we do not need to find x…

        ps. sorry for the late reply!

    • Lol, aww. You need to post more! I miss you. You have a lot of the same ideas about things that I do. And I feel like no one else but me is like me. Which is depressing.
      Lol, I feel like finding x is a treasure hunt too! You have a tattered and torn map that’s got giant holes in it, and then finally after struggling for weeks, you get to the X only to find that someone got there weeks ago and you’re too late. It drives me nuts.

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