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Happiness, we all strive for it, live for it, try and find it. For me, it’s the meaning of life.

Little things make me happy in life, sadly some are rather cruel.
Watching people get splashed from cars. Sun. Strawberry ice-cream. Sitting inside on a cold winters day with a mug of hot chocolate, watching people freeze their little toes off outside. Folders, ocd-ily enough.
Doritos, nacho cheese dip and football with my dad, the perfect combination.  Crisp new sheets. Money, naturally. Warm milk and chocolate biscuits. Being proud of yourself. Pink vaseline. Making my family and friends smile. The sea. The feeling of hot grainy sands between my toes. People who make me smile. Being hugged and when you move away, that person won’t let you. Final Fantasy, just because i’m a secret geek. Getting good grades after revising like hell.  Just the feeling of content makes me happy.

One day, perhaps I’ll find some-one who makes me happy 🙂



  1. 🙂 Final Fantasy.. My secret love!

    • Haha! Its awesome 😀 I suck, im in the wilderness, and I’ve just given up 😦

  2. To be truly happy is what we all want 🙂
    what a lovely post!!
    One day I’m sure your final line will be fulfilled

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