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Honestly, reality sucks. Frankly, it really sucks. Every night I go to bed, knowing I can escape finally. I draw back the curtains, and I smile to myself – because I can discover a completely new world; and it’s really all mine. I lucid dream, and I can control absoloutley everything. Anything that’s not impossible is possible. My dreams are much better than reality. I dread waking up to the same old routine every single day. Boredom, tiredness, sadness, anger. I’m tired of being tired of these feelings.

At night I escape.



  1. You seem so depressive reading your pieces. Life is there to be lived, I savour every day, and resent that I have to sleep at night.

    Nice writing though, Mike

    • You’re very lucky. I’m quite jealous. I can’t wait till the day I’m like you. Ah, I promise i’m not so depressive! Just lately, I’ve been slightly down, I’ll brighten up soon.

      Thanks Mike 🙂

      • I’m a little between you two, I think. I used to savor dreams much more, but lately I’ve become more interested in real life. I love dreaming and visiting an alternate reality of my own creation, but I’ve also found that spending awake time with friends, building relationships, and writing stories is ultimately more fulfilling for me. Though I don’t lucid dream, and I am crazy jealous that you do.

      • You’re very lucky, I’m jealous of you. Don’t be jealous, the day my reality is better than my dreams is the day I wait for, the day I’ll be the most happy. How can reality compare to dreams? If you find something that makes you happy in real life and you finally have a reason for living I bet reality is 10000x better than any lucid dream I’ve had.

      • Well, I wouldn’t say that real life is better in that it’s more interesting or exciting. It’s just that, once I wake up, the dream is over. Anyone I talked to in the dream doesn’t really exist. But in real life, I can meet real people, get to know them, and the next day they’re still around. I guess that’s what I mean when I say real life is more fulfilling for me.

  2. I also lucid dream. It is an amazing feeling. Although sometimes I render control of my dream out of curiosity. Sometimes I need to see what will happen if I’m not in control. Will that person do what I think that person will do? And sometimes I even question whether I really did lose control of the dream. Whether that actually did happen because of me. And why I did that. Lucid dreaming while being amazing is also confusing. Still, it’s my time.

    • Yes, I really agree. Lucid dreaming is like being in another world completely. I think you do things like that to try and find out who you are. It is your time, and it’s amazing.

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how similar this is to how I feel. Reality is a terrible thing. Dream worlds are SO much better. Everything and anything your mind can make up, and then once it’s made it up, you can control it all. Beautiful. I’m going to Follow you. You’re terribly interesting.

    • Wow, I totally agree with you! I am also following you, your writing is flawless 🙂

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